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Product Profile

The TMC2240 is a smart high-performance stepper motor driver IC with serial communication interfaces (SPI, UART) and extensive diagnosis capabilities.

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Features Highlights

  • Voltage range 4.5-36V DC
  • Current ratings per H-bridge (typical at 25°C) IMAX=5.0A (bridge peak current) IRMS=2.1ARMS (3A sine wave peak)
  • SPI & Single Wire UART
  • Highest resolution 256 microsteps per full step
  • SpreadCycle™ (highly dynamic motor control chopper)
  • StealthChop2™ (ultra-quiet technology)
  • MicroPlyer™ (microstep control)
  • StallGuard4™ (locked-motor test)
  • CoolStep™ (current dynamic control)


Interface Diagram

Interface Diagram

The direction of installing the EZ version driver to the new header is shown in the image below:

1(EN)Enable1(VM)Motor Supply Voltage
3(SCK/CFG2)Clock3(B2) B Phase
4(CSN/CFG3) Chip Select4(B1) B Phase
5(SDO/CFG0) Data5(A1) A Phase
6(DIAG) Locked-Rotor Detection6(A2) A Phase
7(STEP) Pulse Input7(VIO) Logic Voltage
8(DIR) Direction Input8(GND) GND

Software Installation

Klipper Firmware Download, please click:

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