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Product Profile

BIGTREETECH TFT35 SPI V2.1 is a medium-size and clear 3D printer display developed by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen BIQU Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Features Highlights

  • SPI is used for LCD display, and I2C is used for touch. The touch screen is controlled by the chip on the motherboard, which significantly reduces its cost.
  • It is connected to the motherboard through the FPC cable, simple and convenient.
  • Designed with XH2.54 terminal, which can communicate with the board through the terminal.


Product Dimensions 98 x 56mm
Mounting Dimensions 98 x 56mm. For further details please read: Dimensions
Input Voltage DC 5V
Logic Voltage DC 3.3V
Screen Size 3.5-inch
Resolution 480x320
Driver IC for SPI Display ILI9488
Driver IC for Touch NS2009


Interface Diagram


Software Installation

Currently, it only supports CB1. V2.2.0 and earlier OS do not support TFT35 SPI. Please use V2.2.1 and later OS.

CB1 OS Image:

After the OS writes to the SD card, there is a FAT32 partition named BOOT, open "BoardEnv.txt" file with Notpad, Notpad++ or VSCode.

Uncomment overlays=tft35_spi to enable TFT35 SPI screen (Delete '#' at the beginning of the line).

NOTE: If the OS image of v2.2.1 version is used. Set to overlays=tft35_spi25 instead of overlays=tft35_spi Use the SPI speed of 25Mhz instead of the default 50Mhz to avoid display confusion. If the OS image after V2.2.1 is used, The OS will use a lower and more stable speed by default.

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If you have any issues with the product, please submit a support ticket.


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