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Product Profile

The EZ2208 is ultra-silent motor driver ICs for two phase stepper motors. Its pinning is compatible to a number of legacy drivers. TRINAMICs sophisticated stealthChop2 chopper ensures noiseless operation, maximum efficiency and best motor torque. Its fast current regulation and optional combination with spreadCycle allow for highly dynamic motion. Integrated power-MOSFETs handle motor current up to 1.4A RMS. Protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. A simple to use UART interface opens up more tuning and control options. Application specific tuning can be stored to OTP memory. Industries most advanced STEP/DIR stepper motor driver family upgrades designs to noiseless and most precise operation for cost effective and highly competitive solutions.

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Features Highlights

  • power tube built-in drive current 1.2A ,peak current 2A
  • 256 microsteps per fullstep
  • interpolation from lower input resolutions
  • stealthChop2 - for quiet positioning
  • spreadCycle - for high speed and high dynamics
  • Low RDSon LS 280mΩ & HS 290mΩ (typ. at 25°C)
  • Voltage Range 12V/24VDC
  • Single Wire UART for advanced configuration options
  • Integrated Pulse Generator for standalone motion


Interface Diagram

The direction of installing the EZ version driver to the new header is shown in the image below:

1(EN)Enable1(VM)Motor Supply Voltage
3(SCK/CFG2)Clock3(B2) B Phase
4(CSN/CFG3) Chip Select4(B1) B Phase
5(SDO/CFG0) Data5(A1) A Phase
6(DIAG) Locked-Rotor Detection6(A2) A Phase
7(STEP) Pulse Input7(VIO) Logic Voltage
8(DIR) Direction Input8(GND) GND

Software Configuration

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