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Product Profile

BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 is a Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board launched by Shenzhen BIQU Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., when the Raspberry Pi CM4 is plugged in, it can be used as a Raspberry Pi 4, which brings convenience for customers to use the CM4.

Features Highlights

  • Use Raspberry Pi 4B board outline, the same mounting hole dia;
  • Support various versions of CM4 modules;
  • Designed with Gigabit Ethernet interface, HDMI0 interface, HDMI1 interface, CAM interface, CSI interface;
  • Equipped with ESD protection at the USB and network interfaces;
  • 40 pin double-row pin header with the same function as Raspberry Pi;
  • Adopting Type-C interface, which can be used to write CM4 with eMMC, and can supply power to the whole system at the same time;
  • A 5V power interface is reserved, which can be connected to a 5V fan for CM4 heat dissipation.


Product Size 85 x 54.29mm
Installation Size 58 x 49mm
Power Input Type-C 5±0.25V
Module Type Support various versions of Raspberry Pi CM4 modules
Interface Support Micro HDMI x 2,USB 2.0x4,RJ45,CAM,CSI,Micro SD...


Interface Diagram

Warning: The voltage of the Type-C port is 5V, and 12/24V is not allowed,otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage.

Hardware Configuration

Onboard Indicator Light

Onboard 2 indicator lights. When powering on, the PWR (red) light will be on when the Raspberry Pi power supply is successfully started, and the ACT (green) light will flash when the system is running.

Hardware Installation

CM4 Installation

The installation direction of CM4 to BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 is shown below:

Software Configuration

For details, please click:

Software Installation

For details, please click:

eMMC Version

Note: the eMMC version will not run the system from the SD card.

1.Install rpiboot

For Windows:

For Maca and Linux:

2.Push the DIP switch 1 (USB OTG) and 2 (RPI BOOT) to ON to enter BOOT mode.

3.Plug the Type-C into the USB port of the computer (in order to avoid problems caused by the insufficient USB power supply of the computer, it is best to use a USB-Hub with an external power supply, or use an external power supply to power the CM4 via the 5V port of the 40 pin pin header). Run sudo ./rpiboot (Mac/Linux) or rpiboot.exe on Windows, then the eMMC of CM4 will be recognized as a mass storage device by the computer (if rpiboot reports an error at this time, you can try to re-plug the USB).

4.The step of using the Raspberry Pi Imager to write the OS image is exactly the same as the LITE version. Note: the SSH function should also be enabled.

5.When the writing is completed, push the DIP switch 1 (USB OTG) and 2 (RPIBOOT) back to OFF to enter the normal working mode.


  • All unplugging and plugging operations should be performed under the condition of power off, including enabling the eMMC writing function.
  • Pay attention to the heat dissipation of CM4. If the running application consumes too many system resources, the CM4 will get hot quite seriously.
  • Handle the board gently to prevent damage.

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If you have any issues with the product, please submit a support ticket.


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