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EZ5160 Pro

Product Profile

TMC5160 is a high-power stepper motor drive control chip, with an external MOSFET, its maximum voltage can reach 48V, thus the supported stepper motor range is wider, and the adaptability is higher.

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Features Highlights

  • With the external MOSFET, it can support higher voltage and larger current, and the maximum current can reach 8A (because the module is limited by size and connector, the current cannot exceed 3A);
  • Ultra-quiet mode;
  • Low heat generation, which is far lower than that of 2100, 2130, and other drivers;
  • It can prevent the motor from shaking;
  • Not easy to lose steps;
  • Can drive 57 stepper motors;
  • The newly developed board frame is used to match the new connector so that customers can experience the aesthetic feeling and avoid the accident of the old driving pin stabbing the hand;
  • Using a new type of specially made heat sink to enhance the heat dissipation as well as protect the driver chip from external damage;
  • Using the environmentally friendly packaging to improve the costeffectiveness.

Basic Parameters

Product Size 18.5 x 20mm
Driver Chip TMC5160-TA
Input Voltage (VM) 8V-48V
Maximum Current 2.5A, Peak Value: 3A (the maximum current that the header can withstand.)
Maximum Subdivision 256
Working Mode SPI


Interface Diagram

The direction of installing the EZ version driver to the new header is shown in the image below:

1(EN)Enable1(VM)Motor Supply Voltage
3(SCK/CFG2)Clock3(B2) B Phase
4(CSN/CFG3) Chip Select4(B1) B Phase
5(SDO/CFG0) Data5(A1) A Phase
6(DIAG) Locked-Rotor Detection6(A2) A Phase
7(STEP) Pulse Input7(VIO) Logic Voltage
8(DIR) Direction Input8(GND) GND

Software Configuration

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If you have any issues with the product, please submit a support ticket.


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