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Panda Jet

Product Profile

The Panda Jet is an upgraded cooling fan for Bambu Lab X1/P1 series printers. Its special duct boosts airflow around the nozzle, providing omni-directional cooling to the filament, enhancing bridging and overhangs while keeping the print view clear.

Feature Highlights

Precision Cooling: Corner outlet placement delivers targeted airflow to the nozzle, dramatically improving overhangs and bridging.

Unobstructed View: Maintains a clear view of your nozzle.

High-Performance Material: Crafted from premium MJF nylon to provide superior strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, for guaranteed longer lasting performance.

Broad Compatibility: For Bambu Lab P1/X1 series hotends and the Panda Flow/Revo series, offering upgrade flexibility.


Product Name Panda Jet
Material MJF Nylon
Dimensions 30.5x52x58mm
Net Weight 13.6g
Compatible Hotends Original hotends from Bambu Lab P1/X1 series, Panda Flow/Revo series
Compatible Printers P1P, P1S, X1C, X1E

Packaging List

Installation Instructions

Tip: The installation process is the same for both the Bambu Lab P1P and X1 printers.

Step 1: Remove the Front Housing Completely remove the front housing assembly and by disconnecting the fan connector.

Step 2: Disassemble the Original Fan Duct Remove the following two screws that secures the original fan duct. Keep the screws for reassembly later.

Carefully remove the original fan duct by pulling it out in a vertical motion.

Step 3: Install the Panda Jet Align the Panda Jet with the mounting holes on the front housing.

Secure the Panda Jet using the two screws that you removed in Step 2.

Step 4: Reassemble the Front Housing Reconnecting the fan connector onto the board (topmost slot), and then reattach the front housing assembly.

Step 5: Check the Fan Turn on the printer and enable the part cooling fan. Verify that the fan is working properly.

If you experience any issues with this product, please contact us and submit a support ticket.

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